Today, it is important to have a mentor or Coach who can guide us out of the chaos many of us experience.

KuliosaKuriosa Limited is active on the Swedish labor market both for those who want to be Coached and you who are Coach and are looking for clients.

Kuliosa Kuriosa Limited operates under several designations as a branch and platform for making visible and enabling more and more to 2020 and 2021. We work with Cool Company in such a way that all employees work through Cool Company when the assignment is ongoing but are connected with us when we seek for knowledge and others. We use words like Empiricist for future

KULIOSA Kuriosa has three sentences as a key word in everything we do;

We know what we can do. We also know what we cannot do. WE DON’T KNOW THAT WE DON’T KNOW! That’s why KuliosaKuriosa Limited exists to operate in this void!

More jobs are disappearing because of machines and robots in what is known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution. What is your plan when a robot takes over your job?

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We train and Coach those who wish to grow, learn and develop in a variety of themes that affect these areas and others.

The Courses and Coaching are involved within the framework of innovative paths around jobs in the twenty-first century and IT support, Web design, Page income, passive income how do you get alternative source of income?

Practical tips to make your body feel safe. Use Social Competence and Emotional Intelligence as a way to relate to your feet on the earth but with outstretched arms to the ways of the new age.

Money grows like grass, learns how systems work properly. How can we reach a Global market and customers fastest?

DeVi Coaching is a practical empirical training in New Innovative Paths for a Progress in the New Age.