KuliosaKuriosa Limited wants to collect you and us who see that other tools are needed to make our everyday life work today;
Empiricism, often used by natural scientists, says that “knowledge is based on experience” and that “knowledge is tentative and probabilistic, subject to continued revision and falsification“.[4] Empirical research, including experiments and validated measurement tools, guides the scientific method. Today there are lots of lies and hard to find that works. Thats why we coach what we see work and share what function and work.

We see that the world today is moving fast. We have to throw a stone in front of us at every step we take to see if the ice holds so to speak.

We see that expertise is good; The best advice is to come together and collaborate in a group or platform. The second best advice we hear is not to put all eggs in the same basket!

Kuliosa Kuriosa limited is started to bring together those who think like us and are looking for a platform to share experiences and grow through solid Coaching and mentoring together.

We are students and teachers who sometimes teach us and sometimes teach others. That’s the basic idea. We have practical tools that anyone who wants to be with us can get paid for their services.

We hope you and your friends will join our community! You are welcome at our open houses on Wednesdays in Örnsberg at 18 00 – 20 00. You will come for free and share for a while. Every Wednesday we have training in a theme around personal development and tools for the new modern age.

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